softbeardThere is a deep longing inside each one of us, a yearning in the heart, to be connected to something larger, more meaningful. In our modern, materialistic, and technologically tranced out world, finding our soul journey can feel challenging and unsupported, especially in the realms of mainstream, urban gay culture. Society has largely lost the sacred, along with the mythological and our essential connection to Nature.

Yet at the edge of the village there is always a path to find that missing connection; one that, like a figure 8 or lemniscate denoting infinity, loops continually back to the heart while simultaneously leading us deeper into the wildness and mystery of ourselves and life.

Gay, bisexual and transgender men still battle the cultural (and sometimes personal) stigma that we are less than our straight brothers and that our queer masculinity is somehow flawed. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if we look towards embracing a spiritual path that is rooted in a heartful, sacred maleness.

Brothers, you are welcome here, in all your gayness, beautiful strengths, and self-perceived weaknesses. In a real way, we are part of healing the one-dimensional, adolescent and pathological masculinity that has held sway for ages. Yet we each have our own healing to do in heart, body and soul.

As an offering toward that individual and collective transformation—and evolution—here you will find the Sacred Masculinity blog (to which you can subscribe on the Contact page) along with the opportunity for coaching, healing sessions and workshops, as well as an upcoming online course. For as each of us embraces his own deep healing, we simultaneously help to heal the past, our lineage, and the future too, even if we have no children of our own.

As gay, bisexual and transgender men, we must celebrate and honor our unique embodiment of masculinity, understanding that the love between men is a thing of power, passion and beauty. Strange magic, even. And each one of us has a unique gift to bring to the larger story that is unfolding.

It is time to descend into the bodysoul, expand your heart and senses, and awaken the Sacred Masculine that lives within you.

Welcome, brother.


The e-course is coming ...