Healing for Men

Healing takes many forms, from physical to emotional to spiritual, and from the individual to the collective.

In our own ways, each of us is looking for healing. We might call that a quest for meaning, or wholeness, or connection; it might be a spiritual path or searching for our place in the world. Yet all of these are simply other facets of healing and the process of finding our own light, along with the gift we have to offer.

In River’s words:

“I used to feel that our sexual orientation and ‘gayness’ was a relatively unimportant aspect of sacred masculinity and soul. I still hold that to be essentially true, yet I have come to believe that gay men hold a unique role in collectively healing and evolving the masculine. This does not make us special, more advanced, or enlightened; it merely means that we have something of tremendous value to offer to the larger story.

Native Americans often call gay men and women ‘Two Spirits’, honoring and recognizing how we carry both the masculine and feminine energies. Many of us as gay, bisexual and transgendered men have welcomed our more ‘feminine’ side (though other gay men have firmly rejected it), yet surprisingly it seems challenging to also embrace and celebrate our sacred masculinity as whole and healing, rather than flawed or less than our straight brothers.

In my work with men over the years, both in groups and individually, I’ve realized that too many of us still carry a deep shame over our sexuality—even those who are ‘out and proud’—which effectively alienates us from celebrating our innate essence as an embodiment of the Sacred Masculine. The time has come to heal this, both in ourselves and the world. As well as to recognize ourselves as nature intended, each an expression of the wild, sensual soul.

In a way, it began with my recent book, The Bones and Breath: A Man’s Guide to Eros, the Sacred Masculine, and the Wild Soul; now, as a healer and teacher, I am putting out a call to my gay, bi, and transgender brethren. I am summoning you to our collective healing and evolution, each of us learning to embody a sacred masculinity—heart-centered, earth centered, and interconnected—as part of the greater transformation that must occur as humanity navigates this time of great change.”

Pioneer of psychology, C.G. Jung stated that archetypes reappear when they are needed. The Sacred Masculine is a powerful, healing force now reemerging to help us set things right in a world gone far off its center axis, and we are each called to help embody that restorative energy—reimagining, reenvisioning, and recreating our very connection with the web of life in which we are all connected.