Background and Training

For more than 25 years, River has been doing therapeutic and healing bodywork with men. Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, previously a spa trainer and instructor at three different colleges of massage therapy, River has taught hundreds of students and therapists, and worked with innumerable clients over two decades. He brings a wealth of expertise and professional insight to his work, a gentle confidence manifested in a presence and rare quality of touch that contribute to the depth of healing possible.

Initially trained at the internationally-recognized Boulder College of Massage Therapy (1000-hour Diploma Program) in Colorado, and later an instructor there, River’s hands-on work first centered around Integrative Bodywork. Deep tissue and Neo-Reichian in origin, this approach uses breath, massage and movement to facilitate conscious integration of body, mind and spirit. Fascinated by the connection of body and emotion, he spent the next two years training in Hakomi Integrative Somatics (now called Sensorimotor Psychology), diving deeper into the effects of trauma and its resolution via the body’s nervous system.

malemassage copyWhile living on the Big Island of Hawai‛i in the nineties, he studied Hawaiian Lomilomi with the legendary Auntie Margaret Machado at her beachside house near Kealakekua Bay. His journey also led him to become an Ayurvedic educator, a trained aromatherapist, a spa consultant, and a certified Watsu® practitioner. His current form of bodywork reveals considerable influences from these ancient and modern approaches to healing; Hakomi, Lomilomi, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Polarity, and shamanic practices all find expression in the work.

Discovering Watsu® and WaterDance, two forms of aquatic bodywork, opened a whole new realm of possibility. Warm water offers a brilliant medium for all aspects of healing, not merely the physical but also the emotional, energetic and spiritual. Certainly, while floating in watery arms and being gently stretched and massaged, one can brush against the mysteries of soul… and the possibility of deep transformation unfolds. Regrettably, River does not have access to a suitable pool and is NOT offering Watsu sessions at this time; hopefully this will shift in the near future.

Highly intuitive and empathic, he has long been something of a reluctant mystic—in-tune with the living, dreaming Earth and its communication. In recent years, River has become more open about his clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient gifts when he lays hands upon a person, and the energy he channels during healing sessions. While practices like shamanic journeying and soul retrieval have not been the primary avenue for his work in the past, he is apprenticing with sacred plant medicines to more deeply embody his work as a curandero (medicine man, healer) and spiritual guide.

Please note that with his upcoming relocation, River is NOT currently accepting new clients for hands-on healing work.