The Sacred Masculine E-course

sacred_masculine_art2A seven-week journey into the heart of the Sacred Masculine for gay and bisexual men.

This is new  and exciting territory for River, who has traditionally worked face to face in private sessions and with groups. Beginning in Spring 2017, he launches a seven-week e-course on the Sacred Masculine, based partly upon his book The Bones and Breath: A Man’s Guide to Eros, the Sacred Masculine and the Wild Soul.

This is a bold new offering including video interviews, podcasts, a subscribers’ only blog, in-depth Q&A sessions, a private Facebook group, and personal guidance from L.R. Heartsong. Both timely and timeless, there is currently NO other offering like this revolutionary course for gay/bi/trans men anywhere on the web.

“This website and course is going to be huge. Do you know why? I have NEVER seen all of this beautiful truth come from one human being. You are so focused, honest, self accepting, brave and absolutely humble. It is beautiful to read your words, seeing you fully integrate all of YOU here as a teacher for others to learn, grow and UNITE. There is not a site solely designed for gay ‘anyone’ that I am aware of that is honest and ethical, as well as presenting so much other information to people. I think this is one of the most inspiring, heartfelt and all-out naked gestures that I have ever seen.”  ~ S. Marie, New York

An inspiring speaker and teacher, River offers his insight, healer’s perspective, wisdom, support — and humor — through a variety of media as he guides participants along this journey towards a sacred masculinity and the depths of soul.  The material is designed for those just beginning a spiritual journey as well as for those who have been walking the path a long time.


Cost for the program is $200. This includes all of the content listed below. No additional materials are required.

Course content includes:

  • Access to twenty-one private videos (3 each week) with L.R. Heartsong discussing the heart of the Sacred Masculine, including in-depth discussion of the 7 Soul Skills as outlined in The Bones and Breath: A Man’s Guide to Eros, the Sacred Masculine, and the Wild Soul, geared specifically for gay/bi/trans men
  • Access to subscribers only Sacred Masculinity podcasts (downloadable, so you can return to them at your leisure, even after the course), including guest interviews as River speaks with other gay healers and visionaries
  • Access to protected pages of the Sacred Masculinity blog, geared specifically to gay and bisexual men, covering areas such as sacred sexuality, shadow, healing, community, service, and more
  • Additional Soul Skills and Embodiment practices beyond those in River’s first book
  • Access to a monthly prerecorded Q&A podcast session with River
  • Access to a live, monthly call
  • Invitation to join a newly formed, closed Facebook group: the beginnings of your sacred soul tribe of other gay and bisexual men
  • A heartfelt, compassionate, inspiring approach to an embodied spiritual path… a heart of gentle (and occasionally fierce) wisdom
  • Six-month, extended access to the videos and restricted material from the beginning of the course

Please note: the program launches Fall 2017; the course is not yet on sale. If you would like to be notified when you can register, please sign up using the mailing list form on the Contact page (and tick the box for ‘Workshops, Courses and Events’). 

Questions and Answers:

When can I enroll and begin?
The initial course goes on sale in late winter or early spring. The course begins in October. (*note: this is a change from the self-paced version initially described). Each of the seven modules is released weekly, allowing you time to work with the material (videos, podcast, exercises, blog, etc.) in each episode. It will take you seven weeks to complete the entire course.


I'm new to this Sacred Masculine idea. How do I know if this course is for me?
This course is for you if:

You want to dive into the depths of being a soulful gay/bi/trans man. You’re yearning to have a more heartful connection with nature and the world.  You’re ready to evolve into a more authentic, compassionate, and powerful version of yourself.

This course is NOT for you if you are looking for a structured spiritual approach with hierarchical levels (such as Druidism, or Wicca), or if you are wanting some sort of certification. It is also not for you if your spiritual approach is strictly transcendent, avoiding the depths and dark, difficult places that a soulful journey often leads.


I'm already on a spiritual/soulful path, and/or already familiar with aspects of the Sacred Masculine. What will I gain from this course?
Even for longtime spiritual seekers, you will find fresh perspective, new insight, wisdom and guidance from a longterm bodyworker and healer who teaches a very embodied approach, honoring the body as sacred vessel for the spiritual journey. If you’re still unsure, invest in a copy of The Bones and Breath, and see if it inspires you.


What does the course cover? Is it the same material as River's book? Is the book required for the course?
The course covers A LOT of territory including, but not limited to, the material in L.R. Heartsong’s first book, The Bones and Breath. Some of the key areas covered are: exploring the archetypes of the Sacred Masculine and the Erotic Warrior; the summons of Eros, passion and soul; ’embodiment’ and ‘ensouling’ the body; myth, shadow and light; pleasure, power, surrender, and sex; the wild soul and wise heart; embracing the wounded healer; heart-centered connection with nature and the Soul of the World. Many of these topics are based on material in The Bones and Breath, and the book is highly suggested as an adjunct to the course but not required.


Will I learn specific techniques or practices on this course?
Yes. Interwoven with the video interviews, podcasts and blogs, River not only explores the 7  Soul Skills in depth, but outlines a wide range of practices, techniques for this spiritual/soulful journey.


How is this different than an in-person workshop?
A few key differences:

Others will be beginning the course at the same time (this helps to build a sense of community and networking), but you work at your own pace each week, in the comfort of your own space. You have access to the videos, podcasts, and additional blog posts for six months, so you can return and review what you’ve learned at any time you wish. Primarily what’s missing is River’s hands-on approach, the warm energy of his presence in person, and going outside into nature (though hopefully you will do that as part of the exercises at home). Also, you don’t have the energy and bonding of the in-person group experience, but you have access to the new Facebook group.


How is this course different than private coaching with River?
Given the videos, podcasts, blogs and Q&A, you are receiving many hours of content. Naturally, it is less personalized to your individual situation and path than one-on-one coaching, but the course is vastly more material for significantly less money than individual sessions.


Can I communicate with others on the course?
Yes, you have access to the private Facebook group created for each course. The group is open to the participants of that particular course (Fall, Winter, etc.), forming a community where you can share your insights and experience.


Can I speak directly with or ask questions of River?
There is a form on the Q&A with River page for your questions. He will either send you an email, or respond during the monthly Q&A podcast, which will be posted on the subscribers’ site. He is also part of the FB group, so you can communicate with him there, as well.


I've never taken an online course before. How does it work?
The course will be offered four times a year. When your course begins, the first module becomes available. You can view, read, and listen to all materials for that module at your pace and leisure (for up to six months). Each subsequent week, the next module becomes available, a format that repeats for the remainder of the course. You do not have to sign in or be online at any particular time (or timezone). You will be invited to join the monthly Q&A call, which will be recorded and available shortly afterwards on the site.


Do I need high-speed internet connection to view the videos?
Highly recommended. The video interviews are a unique and integral aspect of the course. Regrettably, there are no alternative viewing options for people with dial-up or on very slow connections (and we cannot give refunds if you are having issues viewing the videos due to your internet connection). Regular broadband connection should be sufficient.


What if I have technological issues (course not appearing correctly on the screen, problems with video playback, etc.)?
The site is currently based on a WordPress platform and viewable on a wide range of devices (phones, tablets, desktop), but it isn’t perfect. If you experience problems, first try checking your web browser and determine which version you are using; you may need an updated version. For general readability and format, viewing the site on a desktop computer (rather than a mobile device or tablet) is generally best. Note that some web browsers and mobile devices don’t support the Vimeo player, and you may need to install the free Vimeo app (for iPad and tablets). If your technical problems persist, send us an email (on the Contact page).


How do I access the course material?
The Log In feature of the site is currently disabled. It will appear in the Menu when the initial course is ready (spring 2017) and goes on sale. You can then register and purchase the course. Once the course opens, simply log in at any time and view the week’s materials, along with the additional modules as they are released weekly. You have access for six months after the start of your subscription.


Can I obtain a refund if I'm dissatisfied?
If you are disappointed in the course materials, we will provide a full refund within one week of the course start date. Please understand that refunds and extensions are not available after that.


Can I give this course as a gift to someone?
Absolutely! Simply send an email (via the Contact page) and we can set it up.


More questions? Something not answered here? Enquire via email.