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Soul Quests workshops and retreats are aimed primarily at gay and bisexual men and are designed to be experiential, focusing on a deeply embodied approach to soul, creativity, authenticity and personal transformation. Through individual and group activity, ceremony and heart-centered council, along with somatic experiences and time in nature, we create opportunity for soul waves to ripple through the bodymind. We expand and open, glimpsing our deepest, most creative essence—the heart of the Sacred Masculine.

Workshops generally unfold at rustic retreats on the edge of wilderness or, very occasionally, as backpacking trips (no previous camping or backpacking experience required). Such settings minimize distraction and allow one to step outside his normal life for a different perspective; when participants drink deeply of wild beauty and gain the opportunity for reflection in nature, deeper soul work always ensues. Embraced by the living, pulsing web we call “nature,” we savor a different level of sensory relationship with our environment than what most of us experience in our daily lives. When we feel nourished, we are expansive and open—always a requirement for effective soul work. Participants are encouraged to bring comfortable clothes that allow for freedom and ease of movement, as well as clothing and gear for being outdoors.

Even with a short, weekend dive into the depths, an individual can sense how soul arises as a longing in his body and that the bodymind offers a largely untapped but powerful avenue for deepening into a vital, sensual connection with life.

A Soul Quests workshop places heavy emphasis on “embodiment” and the process of opening to the soul through our senses, as well as relationship with place and communion with the ‘other-than-human’ world … and Earth. Nature offers one of the most effective means of soul discovery, but there are many paths to soul exploration and embodiment, some ancient and others modern. Common practices for conscious “soul contact” include: breathwork, movement arts, bodywork, singing and voice, drumming, dreamwork, depth psychology, creative art process, journaling, poetry, personal ceremony, solitude and extended silence, somatic tracking, shamanic journeys, wandering, deep imagery, vision quests, ceremonial sweats, fasting, myths and story telling, chanting, “plant-medicines” (entheogens), and more.

The soulful journey is, by its very nature, individual and often solitary. Being part of a group offers the profound opportunity to be fully witnessed and supported on one’s personal quest. Many of us are longing for a tangible sense of human community, a deeper connection with the world around us. As men, regardless of sexual identity, the path to awakening can feel especially lonely and isolating. A Soul Quests workshop offers the opportunity to join others also looking to build a tribe of soulful, conscious, embodied individuals striving to evolve as open-hearted men who embody the compassionate Sacred Masculine.

Upcoming Calendar:

10-week men’s group: “Embodying the Sacred Masculine”

— An intimate, closed group of ten participants with L.R. Heartsong as facilitator

— Please enquire using the Contact page

Begins January 2018, in Palm Springs, California

$200 (dates and location TBA)

Workshop: “Embodying the Sacred Masculine”

— A weekend workshop for gay/bi/trans men, with L.R. Heartsong; further details and description soon!

— Please enquire using the Contact page

Spring 2018, California (dates and venue TBA)