Workshop: Embodying the Sacred Masculine

natureboyGrowing up, few of us had role models who embodied a spiritual, balanced, heart-centered masculinity; most of us still lack such mentors. Regardless of sexual orientation, we are dragging around a heavy bag of conflicting messages handed to us by fathers (or lack thereof), society, and our own adaptations of what it means to be a man. In our soulfully immature culture, the narrow range of options presented offer only a very imbalanced, adolescent, and one-sided manhood.

What does it mean to be a soul-centered gay, bisexual or transgender man? What is the gift that is yours to bring? What — or who — is the Sacred Masculine? Sacred needn’t mean ‘religious,’ but rather that which reflects the essence of our soul. Drawing from archetypes, myths and embodied practices linked closely to nature and healing (the Green Man, the Soulful Wanderer, the Erotic Warrior, and more), we foster a balanced sense of identity as healthy, awakened men. Descending into the body, we loosen old shackles (shame, aggression, fear) while welcoming the more embodied, intuitive aspects of self (nurturing, compassion, feeling), we begin to build a healthy, holistic and empowered identity.

Hallmarks of the Sacred Masculine include the cultivation and appropriate use of personal power, the ability to feel deeply, and a heart-centered awareness of the interconnectedness of life, embodied as husbandry and stewardship. It is an archetype that exists beyond sexual orientation, a potential that exists in each of our hearts, and to embody it means to walk a spiritual path of power and passion.

Through somatic awareness, unfurling our senses, the allurement of Eros, and embracing a conscious relationship with the Earth and the more-than-human world, we catapult forward in our soulful evolution. To embody the Sacred Masculine is to awaken the compassionate, creative power in our core, becoming artists of cultural renaissance and transformation who uphold a spiritual ecology as healers, lovers, poets, spiritual warriors and sacred activists.

Plunge into the mysterious depths of soul and personal authenticity. Discover the compassionate heart of the Sacred Masculine, and begin to reframe your identity and purpose in an expansive, meaningful way. You will also learn the seven key Soul Skills: simple, powerful tools that move you towards a more conscious, deeply embodied life.

Spring, 2018, in California (Date and venue TBA)

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